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New story: Give it up to me

So Diva Jase and I have finally written it. A story based on Shakira’s song Give it up to me. I’m amazed, but we got 7 pages of some pretty good stuff written.

Spoiler alert!

Chapter 1 is titled The Hand of God. We have Dwayne and Michael, a gay couple. Dwayne is a jock on the football team. Michael is is nerd boyfriend. They’re caught kissing in the locker room. Both get the shit kicked out of them. Michael dies, Dwayne undergoes major surgery and gets disowned.

Read the story to find out more!

2010 in your backyard

Welcome to the end.

The end of 2009.

On Friday starts 2010.

Really I don’t expect many differences between 2009 and 2010.

I don’t expect to see any “hover cars” from the Jetsons in 2010. I don’t expect to see any jello houses. (Wouldn’t those be cool, though?) I also don’t expect any changes in the make up of the US Congress or the Canadian Parliament.

I expect to eat some cheese. Maybe drink some milk. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll get to see the third Twilight movie in the spring. Yes, I’m somewhat obsessed with Twilight.

Left to Ashes, SNL, etc.

So chapter 6 of Left to Ashes is up in the Yahoo! Group, with chapter 5 submitted to Nifty and Gay Authors. The notable event has occurred. New Moon has opened in theatres! Woo!

Now for something different, a sketch from Saturday Night Live:

Left to Ashes update

So yesterday, chapter 5 of Left to Ashes was uploaded to the Yahoo! Group, and chapter 4 was released to Nifty and GayAuthors. The good news for readers is that the writers block has *knock on wood* lifted for the moment. So I was able to get quite a bit done with this story.

What does that mean for my other stories such as HIH and My Boyfriend is a Vampire? That we’ll have to wait and see.

Remember that interview I did with Emulated, author of A Vulcan’s Love? He has one posted with me.

The end of the long night

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

So I’ve been watching Angel on DVD. Your protagonist Angel is a traditional vampire. No going out in the sun, can’t see him in a mirror, and steak through the heart turns a vampire to dust. This is the way it is supposed to be, right?

Then you have Twilight where they sparkle like diamonds in the daylight, but they can go out, etc.

So when you want to write a romance involving a vampire, do you have to forbid them from what vampires have in Twilight?

Values & influences

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Everyone has influences.

That’s the way we are raised. To be influenced by our parents so that we may be good, productive members of society when we grow up. I don’t think I’ve grown up, LOL.

Left to Ashes

[Warning: Possible spoilers.]

So Left to Ashes is my new Twilight inspired story. Think of it is Twilight meets Cinderella.

We have Keenan Stewart, a young man forced to move from Toronto where he lived with his father, to London, Ontario where he moves in with his mother Maria, and his step father Cameron. He has two step sisters Karen, and Diane.

After 6 months of having been at his new school, and a week after his mother was committed to a mental institution, Keenan meets sexy Emmett Cullen. But what happens after Emmett invites Keenan to his family’s masquerade halloween party?