Left to Ashes

[Warning: Possible spoilers.]

So Left to Ashes is my new Twilight inspired story. Think of it is Twilight meets Cinderella.

We have Keenan Stewart, a young man forced to move from Toronto where he lived with his father, to London, Ontario where he moves in with his mother Maria, and his step father Cameron. He has two step sisters Karen, and Diane.

After 6 months of having been at his new school, and a week after his mother was committed to a mental institution, Keenan meets sexy Emmett Cullen. But what happens after Emmett invites Keenan to his family’s masquerade halloween party?

Right now this is a very exciting story for me to write as an author. I’ve long loved Meyer’s work with the Twilight saga, and I think this just adds an extra dimension. We’ll learn a lot more about both Keenan, and the Cullen’s. What happened to Rosalie? We’ll find out. Who is this mysterious Aunt Susan?

There’s more than meets the eye, even after the ball.

I tried to take some of the names from the people involved with the movie. So before you ask, Keenan Stewart’s last name came from Bella’s actress Kristel Stewart. Cameron and his daughter’s share the last name with Esme’s actress, Elizabeth Reaser.

The first chapter is titled Passing through the Gethsemane. The Gethsemane is a garden where Jesus was betrayed by Judas. This is the theme for chapter one, and the sort of tone for the story.

Chapter two is titled The Fairy Godmother. We somewhat meet Aunt Susan, and we go to the masquerade that everyone at school will be attending. As with the Twilight books, when the Cullen’s have a party, everyone wants to attend!

Chapter three is still very much in progress, but so far it is titled No Hiding Place. It is the emotional and physical realty of Cameron as a step father, and the toll of that. As well Keenan has to face up to the fact that perhaps Emmett really only did want to be friends with him. And the search for the man Emmett thinks kissed him at the party.

Underlying will be Keenan’s emotional issues. It may be confusing at first because up until just after the party Keenan doesn’t seem to be emotionally scarred. Sure his situation has changed, but his Mom was around until “just last week”. Now he feels depressed, and unworthy of both Emmett, and his Aunt Susan.

I hope you enjoy the story. I always welcome feedback.