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My next interview

Have you read by interviews with Emulated, Jason Gordon, Jase Ruel, Dom Luka and Comicality?

Are you also an author who writes gay stories? If you’d like to be interviewed for my blog, e-mail me and we can set something up! Also e-mail me if you would like to suggest an author for me to interview.

The Rules:

1. I will try to respect if you don’t want to reveal something, and if I accidentally ask about something you already talked about I can replace it with a different question.

2. Interviews are done by e-mail.

Q&A with Jase Ruel (aka Diva Jase)

Q. Tell me a little about yourself.

A. Let me give you my mini-bio a friend helped me write. It’s a little of everything I am :

Jase Ruel is a 30-ish year-old writer, poet, artist, singer, activist, educator and all-aroung magician when it comes to bringing out the inner beauty of those around him as a licensed Cosmetologist.

His publication credits include several University journals, Newspaper, Magazine, and ezine prints, and has had his work referenced by a few State and Federal Politicians.

New story: Give it up to me

So Diva Jase and I have finally written it. A story based on Shakira’s song Give it up to me. I’m amazed, but we got 7 pages of some pretty good stuff written.

Spoiler alert!

Chapter 1 is titled The Hand of God. We have Dwayne and Michael, a gay couple. Dwayne is a jock on the football team. Michael is is nerd boyfriend. They’re caught kissing in the locker room. Both get the shit kicked out of them. Michael dies, Dwayne undergoes major surgery and gets disowned.

Read the story to find out more!