The end of the long night

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

So I’ve been watching Angel on DVD. Your protagonist Angel is a traditional vampire. No going out in the sun, can’t see him in a mirror, and steak through the heart turns a vampire to dust. This is the way it is supposed to be, right?

Then you have Twilight where they sparkle like diamonds in the daylight, but they can go out, etc.

So when you want to write a romance involving a vampire, do you have to forbid them from what vampires have in Twilight?

In Gone from Daylight, Comicality makes the night sort of sexy. But he never addresses the mirror issue that I recall. Or may he did. But he made the only at night concept really work. Whereas Stephanie Meyer couldn’t seem to get over her issue that vampires couldn’t come out during the day.

In my own story, I’m more or less being traditional. But I’ll admit Christian and Mark are heavily influenced by the Blood Books, written by Tanya Huff.

So back to Angel… he’s really a traditional type of vampire. That’s not such a bad thing. He’s a sexy vampire. Can vampires be good? Do they have to be soulless? Henry Fitzroy in Huff’s books certainly has a soul and thinks of himself as “good”. Are they good, or is it a disguise?

I suppose a vampire can be whatever the author wants, and what resonates with the audience.

Oh, for anyone who has seen Blood Ties, the girl who played Vicki Nelson, actress Christina Cox is now in the TV series Defying Gravity. I wish her good luck!