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So I’ve decided to go for another must visit author websites, and with February well underway, what a great time!

1. Lynn Hagen

Lynn writes the amazing, out of this world series Brac Pack, and it’s associated books. You cannot read just one, I’ve had to read all of them! With the money I spend on these books I imagine her kids will be able to afford a bachelor’s degree right through their PhD’s, LOL. But seriously, give her a try.

RT Booklovers 2012 E-Book Expo

Joyee Flynn at RT Booklovers 2012 E-Book Expo (Photo credit: rtbookreviews)

2. Joyee Flynn

Joyee writes a very unique vampire series, under the title Marius brothers, but fortunately for us, there’s an entire Marius world, which like with Lynn, has a whole host of books of different paranormal types. And yes, I’m paying for kids to get their PhD’s as well with all the books I buy from her.

3. Carol Lynne

My favourite series of hers isn’t paranormal at all, which is my usual faire, but still amazing. Of course we’re talking about the Cattle Valley series, and if you haven’t read it yet, head on over to Kobo and buy it today!

4. Stormy Glenn

Stormy is an amazingly versatile author. (Yes, I said versatile.) Picking one favourite from all she has written is like picking a favourite child. It cannot be done.

5. Charlie Richards

Wolves of Stone Ridge, and Kontra’s Menagerie are interwoven stories about shifters, or werewolves, wererabbits, etc. And what a great series of books!! Cannot put them down, and they cannot come out fast enough!!

6. Michael Offutt

Michael wrote Slipstream, and Oculus which I previously blogged about. So I’ll leave it at that.

For an extra bonus, I include an episode of Brandon Witt’s The Witty Hour (it’s not really an hour.)

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