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Switching from AOL

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So today I discovered I had a few bouncing members of my Yahoo! Group who were members of AOL. From what I gather it didn’t like something in some e-mail from one of these groups. From what I saw it seems easy to offend AOL’s spam filter.

So I am encouraging my group members to switch to Gmail.

How to switch to GMail from Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

How to Switch from AOL to Gmail.

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So I was chatting with Comicality the other day, and he really wants me to do some more interviews. The thing is I’m not sure who I should interview, and I haven’t gotten any suggestions lately. So I’ll keep thinking on it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Story updates – Things are still on the slow side. I had some readers asking, and I have made some progress on My Boyfriend is a Vampire. Right now I just need more time to be able to write. The new job is great, but takes up time, LOL.

Left to Ashes update

So yesterday, chapter 5 of Left to Ashes was uploaded to the Yahoo! Group, and chapter 4 was released to Nifty and GayAuthors. The good news for readers is that the writers block has *knock on wood* lifted for the moment. So I was able to get quite a bit done with this story.

What does that mean for my other stories such as HIH and My Boyfriend is a Vampire? That we’ll have to wait and see.

Remember that interview I did with Emulated, author of A Vulcan’s Love? He has one posted with me.

10% off admission

Alright, I don’t really have 10% off to anything. But my blog is still 100% free to read!!

Today I was playing around with OpenID. I was trying to find one of those nifty things that makes it easier to login to the blog from sites such as Twitter, Facebook and so forth in addition to sites like Yahoo! and LiveJournal that serve as OpenID providers. But so far no luck. And I don’t want to break the OpenID system I have right now.

On the good news side, my writing of HIH has started to really pick up. This includes the Logo Contest I announced on my super elite Yahoo! Group!!

Chatting with Readers

So on Wednesday night a few people stopped by our chat room. I’m happy that we had people come out, and invite others out as well. If there are any changes, you can find them in the Yahoo! Group calendar!

I hope you see you on Wednesday night!