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Brian’s Mate by Hollis Shiloh & @dreamspinners

Today’s review is about Brian’s Mate by Hollis Shiloh.

Stars: 2BriansMateLG

From the book jacket:
Brian is the alpha of the least impressive pack of wolves at the whole Moon Ceremony. When a human is discovered uninvited in their midst, he bonds with the man to save his life.

Luke doesn’t know about all this wolf stuff, but he’s starting to develop feelings for the gentle man who rescued him. Both Brian and Luke expect to quietly dissolve the bond later. But feelings intervene, and some bonds are not so easy to cast aside.

Building a life together as alphas will take love and hard work—especially when new wolves keep inviting themselves into their lives.

5 reasons to vote for Dr. Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein in Madison, WI 12-16-2011 299.jpg

I get that a lot of people in the GLBT community love Obama right now, but we shouldn’t be so shortsighted that we don’t consider Jill Stein for President.

So here are my 5 top reasons to vote for Jill Stein:

5. The Green Party has long supported gay rights, and same-sex marriage before either of the major parties.

4. Is there really much of a difference between Obama and Romney?

3. Feel good about who you’re voting for.

2. Dr. Stein regularly is out protesting and connected with the people.

Religious education in Ontario

If you haven’t yet, you should see this awesome video on the public funding of Catholic schools in Ontario, Canada.

GA Stories

Internets = Parody motivator.
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So GayAuthors (GA) is making a pretty huge change. A change that affects the basic fabric of what they offer. They’re replacing eFition/hosted authors/promising authors with a new system called GA Stories. From what I have been told, eFiction didn’t work so well. So they coded this system to work with the forum code.

Up until this I published some of my stuff under eFiction. One of the big cons is that authors have to move their own stuff over. I’m lazy, and generally don’t have a lot of time. I’d much rather be writing than having to move my stories over to the new system. But that’s not the reason I’m never going to post on GA again.

Dora the Explorer

So a few people who have read my stories (particularly The Legendary Warrior) know that I don’t like the TV show Dora the Explorer. I had seen the show just before writing a few of the story’s chapters. I had been watching the show with my two God daughter’s and wanted to gauge my own eyes out. Sadly I bought one of them a Dora DVD, I think for her birthday. But man was it bad. Very bad. Stay away. So that’s why I dislike this particular show. But don’t let that run it for yourself if you enjoy it….

yeah, run far, far away.

Leaping from life to life

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Growing up I enjoyed watching Quantum Leap. I even now have some DVDs of the show. There’s something about how this wonderful, but strange man leaps from life to life striving to put right that went wrong. Somewhere in the series it’s implied that ‘God’ is controlling Sam’s leaps. (Dr. Sam Beckett is the protagonist of the series.)

Now there may even be a movie.

My next interview

Have you read by interviews with Emulated, Jason Gordon, Jase Ruel, Dom Luka and Comicality?

Are you also an author who writes gay stories? If you’d like to be interviewed for my blog, e-mail me and we can set something up! Also e-mail me if you would like to suggest an author for me to interview.

The Rules:

1. I will try to respect if you don’t want to reveal something, and if I accidentally ask about something you already talked about I can replace it with a different question.

2. Interviews are done by e-mail.