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Today’s review is about Brian’s Mate by Hollis Shiloh.

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From the book jacket:
Brian is the alpha of the least impressive pack of wolves at the whole Moon Ceremony. When a human is discovered uninvited in their midst, he bonds with the man to save his life.

Luke doesn’t know about all this wolf stuff, but he’s starting to develop feelings for the gentle man who rescued him. Both Brian and Luke expect to quietly dissolve the bond later. But feelings intervene, and some bonds are not so easy to cast aside.

Building a life together as alphas will take love and hard work—especially when new wolves keep inviting themselves into their lives.

I sorta liked this book, but it had a ton of holes and very few answers. Like where does Brian’s brother live? And why so far away? In the other shifter books I have read, the pack usually lives either in the same residence, or on the same land, or within a few minutes of each other. But here it seems the brother lives hours away. Why is that when they’re pack?

The other hole that isn’t resolved and that is VERY annoying is the lack of Luke’s background, no real details except for a foster mother, and where his parents met. Why no other family? Is there no more to Luke except that he is alpha material?

This book needs a serious re-write.

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