Values & influences

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Everyone has influences.

That’s the way we are raised. To be influenced by our parents so that we may be good, productive members of society when we grow up. I don’t think I’ve grown up, LOL.

There are several influences on my writing, some obvious, some not. My latest story Left to Ashes has some quite evident influences. The titles of chapters 1 & 3 were pretty much directly and also titles of episodes of Babylon 5. In all of my stories I think I’ve mentioned one series or another of Star Trek. The biggest influences in Ashes are of course Twilight and Cinderella. The title of chapter 4 of Ashes is called “She’ll be coming round the mountain”. This is from the obvious song, along with the title of chapter 6 – “Riding Six White Horses.” Chapter 5’s title comes right out of Star Trek with the title “Nemesis”.

The governmental system in the universe of The Legendary Warrior/HIH is an experiment. With the Earth Republic government, I like to play around with ideas and thoughts, same with the Imperial government. Try things out that might not work in the real world. For example, why is the upper house the “governmental” house like in Canada here where our “upper house” is a Senate, who’s members are appointed by the Queen. In the US, Senators used to be appointed by the state governments before an amendment was made to the US constitution to have Senators be elected.

Why aren’t the people the “upper house”?

In the world of My Boyfriend is a Vampire, two stories weigh heavily on what I write. Comicality’s story Gone from Daylight along with the Vicki Nelson series of books starting with Blood Price. As well some Twilight has come into the story as well.

I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, and I welcome feedback!


P.S. Thank you to Emulated for his idea to put spoiler warnings at the top of blog posts that talk about new chapters, etc.