My Star Trek addiction, readers, and life.

So my Star Trek has finally come back.

No there isn’t a new TV show out that I am aware of, but there is a Star Trek movie due out in May. It features the original Trek cast, with different actors at a younger age, and is set before the events in the original series. It could be good, or it could be a bust. I’m excited to see it, though I’d love to see a Deep Space 9 movie at some point.

So if it isn’t a TV show, how has my addiction come back?

The Internet.

There are some really good fan films out in cyberspace. For example, the amazing series Star Trek Phase 2 whom in their last episode features an openly gay nephew of James T. Kirk, or the equally impressive Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and it’s various spin-offs that also feature gay characters. Both series IMHO are groundbreaking, but also they provide some real relief from the absence of Trek.

It also fuels my love of sci-fi. I suggest if you’re a Trek fan that you check these out. They’re good. If anyone knows of any good Babylon 5 fan films, please let me know. You can e-mail me at

I had a reader e-mail me, asking if there would be more Mark’s lament. I answered the question politely, but there is a note in chapter 12 about it being the last chapter. I know I don’t always read those notes in other stories, they can be long and boring, probably why I try to keep my notes short, and why I’ve started a blog, LOL. Yes, there will be more lament in the form of My Boyfriend is a Vampire.

But writing will take a while. Life has been really busy. I was sick for like a week, and I mean really sick. I couldn’t do a lot, so I was busy trying to relax and get better. I’m sorry that the chapters are so slow being done, but right now that’s just how things are. They’ll pick up in time.