Tying up loose ends

One of my readers asked me when I’m going to continue on with The Legendary Warrior. Recently I posted the last few chapters of Mark’s lament to my website/Yahoo! Group. To be honest, I’m having some writers block with Warrior. I’m sure it’ll be finished up soon, and then I can move onto some future projects.

Ahead I have My Boyfriend is a Vampire. This is the sequel to Mark’s lament. It will expand in the mysticism in lament, as well as introduce some new… supernatural friends. I expect this to be intriguing.

Also I am planning a story titled HIH. It will be the third sequel in the Warrior series, Warior itself being the second sequel, the original story being Love, unconventionally. I won’t tell you much about HIH on purpose. I have it worked out, but I’m purposely keeping it tight lipped. I want it to be a pleasant surprise.