the Value of Gay Money

Gays have money.

And lots of it.

Apparently innkeepers in Maine want the state to legalize same-sex marriage. Why? Because of the money that gays & lesbians would spend in the state getting married. Gay money has political clout all of a sudden.

Places like Toronto, and Maine target the gay market already. But as a gay person, I purposely try not to travel anywhere that isn’t at least gay-friendly, and as more jurisdictions legalize same-sex marriage, it’ll be easier to only spend my money where it is wanted.

And that’s the bottom line.

In a global recession or depression, gay money is now important.

And legalizing same-sex marriage could make or break a state’s wealth.

From CNN:

Supporters of same-sex marriage point to its economic benefits, both for those getting married and for states that sanction it. Opponents, however, say same-sex nuptials will actually “devalue” the institution and cost society more in the long run.

In Minnesota, the issue has even split two openly gay lawmakers, and for the purposes of this story, the two men agreed to sit down together for a joint interview.

Minnesota state Sen. Scott Dibble is one of those lawmakers. Dibble, a Democrat, is proposing one of two marriage-equality bills in the state Senate and says now is as good a time as any to propose gay marriage legislation because there is also an economic aspect to the debate. Legally married couples, he says, are generally in better financial shape overall.

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Cheers to gay money.