Robin of my dreams

Argh! Ive had two songs on my mind recently. The first is Rhythm of my Heart by Rod Stewart, and the other is Rockin Robin. I don’t know why these songs are stuck in my head, but it’s sort of frustrating. And of course Kardon, one of my IRC moderators is being strange tonight. Not sure why, but maybe he’s secretly in love with Justin or Taryin from Comicality’s Gone from Daylight. For some reason Justin has been on my mind too lately, but perhaps that’s just from Com’s quality workmanship.

Comicality is one of those dude’s you just want to walk over and hug. His writing is at the caliber of or better than Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight. Now if Com could actually apply some editorial restraint to his stuff, he might just get published. He’d sell millions of copies, and be able to afford to write. His fans, as it turns out, are trying to get him set up with Paypal, because apparently poor Comicality works two retail jobs to pay his bills. I feel sorry for the guy.

He writes good stuff.

Babylon 5 has also been on my mind lately. It was one of my favourite shows on TV. I have all the DVD’s, and I watch the entire series usually at least once a year, though I think it’s been around 12 months since I last watched. It was good, I learned something new every time I turned it on.

Here are some YouTube videos.


P.S. I’m a little bit of a Westlife fan! I think I’ve quoted them before.