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GA Stories

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So GayAuthors (GA) is making a pretty huge change. A change that affects the basic fabric of what they offer. They’re replacing eFition/hosted authors/promising authors with a new system called GA Stories. From what I have been told, eFiction didn’t work so well. So they coded this system to work with the forum code.

Up until this I published some of my stuff under eFiction. One of the big cons is that authors have to move their own stuff over. I’m lazy, and generally don’t have a lot of time. I’d much rather be writing than having to move my stories over to the new system. But that’s not the reason I’m never going to post on GA again.

Left to Ashes, SNL, etc.

So chapter 6 of Left to Ashes is up in the Yahoo! Group, with chapter 5 submitted to Nifty and Gay Authors. The notable event has occurred. New Moon has opened in theatres! Woo!

Now for something different, a sketch from Saturday Night Live:

Values & influences

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Everyone has influences.

That’s the way we are raised. To be influenced by our parents so that we may be good, productive members of society when we grow up. I don’t think I’ve grown up, LOL.

Left to Ashes

[Warning: Possible spoilers.]

So Left to Ashes is my new Twilight inspired story. Think of it is Twilight meets Cinderella.

We have Keenan Stewart, a young man forced to move from Toronto where he lived with his father, to London, Ontario where he moves in with his mother Maria, and his step father Cameron. He has two step sisters Karen, and Diane.

After 6 months of having been at his new school, and a week after his mother was committed to a mental institution, Keenan meets sexy Emmett Cullen. But what happens after Emmett invites Keenan to his family’s masquerade halloween party?