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Chatting with Readers

So on Wednesday night a few people stopped by our chat room. I’m happy that we had people come out, and invite others out as well. If there are any changes, you can find them in the Yahoo! Group calendar!

I hope you see you on Wednesday night!

Options of the Blog

So I set up a few new things today for the blog.

The first is a new and nifty Widgetbox. You can display RSS feeds from the blog on your website! It’s pretty nifty, see it below. The widgetbox has a lot of neat options like just getting the plain code, along code for WordPress, Blogger, etc.

If anyone prefers, I’m happy to give out Feedburner headline boxes as well. Just drop me an e-mail.

As well, you can now subscribe to the feed by e-mail!. You don’t need an RSS reader to subscribe anymore, instead you can get a fresh e-mail!

New Blog, Warrior, etc.

Hi everyone,

As requested, I am going to have a permanent blog. For now I’m leaving it at Gay Authors, you can see the blog here, and the RSS feed at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/RisingUpFromTheAshes

Today I finished chapter 13 and the epilogue for The Legendary Warrior. On their own, both are short chapters. The epilogue wasn’t meant to be too long. Both will be posted shortly.

Both of my editors of course, want more Warrior. For those of you whom haven’t read my blog yet, there will be another sequel entitled HIH, who’s cover I posted in the files section.