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Q&A with Hamen Cheese

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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[WARNING: This post may contain spoilers]

Today I am interviewing Hamen Cheese. He is the author of stories such as Adamagika: The Spirit Within, and Smoking is Gay.

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m often processed, sliced thinly, and place between buns… Oh wait, you didn’t mean that… Well, I’m 24 yrs old without vices (except an addiction to the computer). I currently live in the Philippines and will likely want to live the rest of my life here. I would like to travel though given the opportunity. Writing for me is a hobby, from which reviews are a guilty pleasure. 🙂

Left to Ashes, SNL, etc.

So chapter 6 of Left to Ashes is up in the Yahoo! Group, with chapter 5 submitted to Nifty and Gay Authors. The notable event has occurred. New Moon has opened in theatres! Woo!

Now for something different, a sketch from Saturday Night Live:

Left to Ashes

[Warning: Possible spoilers.]

So Left to Ashes is my new Twilight inspired story. Think of it is Twilight meets Cinderella.

We have Keenan Stewart, a young man forced to move from Toronto where he lived with his father, to London, Ontario where he moves in with his mother Maria, and his step father Cameron. He has two step sisters Karen, and Diane.

After 6 months of having been at his new school, and a week after his mother was committed to a mental institution, Keenan meets sexy Emmett Cullen. But what happens after Emmett invites Keenan to his family’s masquerade halloween party?

The Wednesday Post

So for those who have been paying attention lately, the first two chapters of HIH have been released. I’m not going to talk about the plot here, because for now chapter 2 is only available in my Yahoo! Group. I have plans to send Chapter 1 into Nifty sometime soon, most likely today. The good news for everyone is that I have up to chapter 11 finished. This means that I’ll try to release 2 chapters per week, unless I get writers block and have to decrease that. Which could be good as then I’ll write more chapters for My Boyfriend is a Vampire most likely.

writing from 9 – 7 and on to heaven

Writing HIH has proved to be a real challenge.

I’m attempting this as a first person story. I rarely write in the first person. But I decided that the third book in the Legendary Warrior series should be from the first person POV. So to do that, I almost have to put myself in the shoes of that character.

In theatre school, they would have called that “method acting“.

Surprise revelations and the believable plot

So I’ve been enjoying the story Lycan Bloodline. The writer has taken a lot of care to introduce us to Bryce, a young boy who has to move to British Columbia, Canada to live with his father. Why? It turns out Bryce is a werewolf. And that’s where we take our pause.

I’ve read quite a few sci-fi/fantasy stories on Nifty, and of course I’ve written my own. The thing that bothers me above all else when reading these, is when the protagonist too easily gives in to the “surprise revelation”. So easy that the magic is lost, and you’re brought back to reality.

Diversity of gay writing

So one of my absolute favourite stories was updated for the first time yesterday, and I am so happy. For anyone who hasn’t read The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie, needs to have their heads examined. This is one amazing story.

Other stories that have had updates that I absolutely love:
*Gone from Daylight by Comicality.
*Almost anything by David McLeod
*Last Goodbye by Meeko
*Teep by Wolfwalker
*The Guardians by Rilbur
*The Price of Friendship by Graham

Other stories I’m watching that have been updated:
*The Gatekeeper
*The Ascended
*How the Light Gets In by Duncan Ryder