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Chatting with Readers

So on Wednesday night a few people stopped by our chat room. I’m happy that we had people come out, and invite others out as well. If there are any changes, you can find them in the Yahoo! Group calendar!

I hope you see you on Wednesday night!

The Ethics of getting HIV… on purpose!

So I have this editor. For now we’ll call him… Winter. Yes, that’s it. Winter. Good name considering the month we are currently in. He has a best friend, we shall call him… Dr. Evil. So one day, Winter and Dr. Evil met for a wonderful cup of hot chocolate, under the beautiful night sky. Love was in the air, or maybe it was just plain horniness. Dr. Evil gave Winter the bad news. He has HIV.

Tying up loose ends

One of my readers asked me when I’m going to continue on with The Legendary Warrior. Recently I posted the last few chapters of Mark’s lament to my website/Yahoo! Group. To be honest, I’m having some writers block with Warrior. I’m sure it’ll be finished up soon, and then I can move onto some future projects.

Ahead I have My Boyfriend is a Vampire. This is the sequel to Mark’s lament. It will expand in the mysticism in lament, as well as introduce some new… supernatural friends. I expect this to be intriguing.