Oppression of the Stupid

So while I was doing some research on my next blog post, I came across this blog post telling readers to thank cola giant Pepsi for supporting gay rights.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We are supposed to thank Pepsi for supporting gay rights.

Call me cynical, but shouldn’t we EXPECT a company to support gay rights? In an Obama world, shouldn’t it be presumed that all companies would offer benefits to same-sex partners, and so forth?

Yeah Michael Jones, I am so unimpressed.

On the GayTVBlog you can reading a boring article about Ellen Degeneres and John Mayer, doing some stupid dance on YouTube. Wow, it must just be my morning of stupid. Of course Batman’s sidekick Robin coming to TV is slightly erotic.

10 years ago or so I was involved with a gay group in Toronto. And much like this blogger rebels against alphabet soup, so do I. A friend at the time wanted every last letter possibly available to describe the group, and I thought it was just plain dumb. Everyone generally understands the term GLBT.

As Evan himself says: “But really, this all boils down to people trying to be some what PC, or at least as much as they can stomach. Or enough to fit on a business card.”

I agree with his conclusion, Queer is a pretty descriptive, and identifiable term.

I’m glad all that stupid is settled, for now.

  • mjoneschange

    Hey, thanks for linking to the Pepsi action. I get that you disagree with it…and I have to admit, I agree with you. We should expect that our companies foster LGBT rights. The Pepsi action on the gayrights.change.org page is really an effort to counter the American Family Association, which is specifically targeting Pepsi with a boycott for supporting LGBT rights. Rather than let the American Family Association do all of the talking, we created the action on the gayrights.change.org page so that folks could thank Pepsi for sticking by groups like PFLAG, HRC and others, despite facing opposition from right-wing groups like the American Family Association.

    Anyway, sorry you disagree with the action. But nonetheless, thanks for visiting the site! Hope all is well.