Diversity of gay writing

So one of my absolute favourite stories was updated for the first time yesterday, and I am so happy. For anyone who hasn’t read The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie, needs to have their heads examined. This is one amazing story.

Other stories that have had updates that I absolutely love:
*Gone from Daylight by Comicality.
*Almost anything by David McLeod
*Last Goodbye by Meeko
*Teep by Wolfwalker
*The Guardians by Rilbur
*The Price of Friendship by Graham

Other stories I’m watching that have been updated:
*The Gatekeeper
*The Ascended
*How the Light Gets In by Duncan Ryder

All that said, I sill appreciate good sci-fi/fantasy especially vampire stories, and occasionally werewolves. And of course Twilight is still fresh in my mind and heart.