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In the mainstream – answers needed from @glaad

Star-crossed lovers. The poster was fashioned ...

Star-crossed lovers. The poster was fashioned after Titanic ‘ s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to see the new Robocop movie yesterday. It had me wondering… why was the main character straight? Why couldn’t he have been gay.

It bothers me, because yes there are gay characters in movies, but they are never the main character, unless the movie is about a gay theme, such as Brokeback Mountain. That was a groundbreaking movie, but why can’t I have a “regular” movie, such as Robocop, or The Never Ending Story with a gay lead character, where the movie IS NOT about the person’s sexuality?

My Little Pony

Did you ever watch the TV show My Little Pony? I once came across the intro for the TV show, and it reminded me how much the show promoted friendship and love. A bit of nostalgia on Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

But it is Thanksgiving, so I am thankful for: My readers, my editors, my beta readers, the good folks at Apple, Nifty, GayAuthors, and

Dora the Explorer

So a few people who have read my stories (particularly The Legendary Warrior) know that I don’t like the TV show Dora the Explorer. I had seen the show just before writing a few of the story’s chapters. I had been watching the show with my two God daughter’s and wanted to gauge my own eyes out. Sadly I bought one of them a Dora DVD, I think for her birthday. But man was it bad. Very bad. Stay away. So that’s why I dislike this particular show. But don’t let that run it for yourself if you enjoy it….

yeah, run far, far away.

Leaping from life to life

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Growing up I enjoyed watching Quantum Leap. I even now have some DVDs of the show. There’s something about how this wonderful, but strange man leaps from life to life striving to put right that went wrong. Somewhere in the series it’s implied that ‘God’ is controlling Sam’s leaps. (Dr. Sam Beckett is the protagonist of the series.)

Now there may even be a movie.

The end of the long night

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

So I’ve been watching Angel on DVD. Your protagonist Angel is a traditional vampire. No going out in the sun, can’t see him in a mirror, and steak through the heart turns a vampire to dust. This is the way it is supposed to be, right?

Then you have Twilight where they sparkle like diamonds in the daylight, but they can go out, etc.

So when you want to write a romance involving a vampire, do you have to forbid them from what vampires have in Twilight?

My Star Trek addiction, readers, and life.

So my Star Trek has finally come back.

No there isn’t a new TV show out that I am aware of, but there is a Star Trek movie due out in May. It features the original Trek cast, with different actors at a younger age, and is set before the events in the original series. It could be good, or it could be a bust. I’m excited to see it, though I’d love to see a Deep Space 9 movie at some point.

So if it isn’t a TV show, how has my addiction come back?

The Internet.

the Value of Gay Money

Gays have money.

And lots of it.

Apparently innkeepers in Maine want the state to legalize same-sex marriage. Why? Because of the money that gays & lesbians would spend in the state getting married. Gay money has political clout all of a sudden.

Places like Toronto, and Maine target the gay market already. But as a gay person, I purposely try not to travel anywhere that isn’t at least gay-friendly, and as more jurisdictions legalize same-sex marriage, it’ll be easier to only spend my money where it is wanted.

And that’s the bottom line.