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  • A Republican who wants DADT repealed now – War Room – #
  • [CTV] Man killed, woman hurt in separate Halifax shootings #
  • For my friends in Massachusetts -:- Every vote is a victory, 2010 State Convention | Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts #
  • RT @LoriMoreno: Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. ~Wayne Dyer #quote #
  • This is a really great net-story that I've really grown to live. Start with cycle 1. -:- TEEP cycle two rise of the Drago #

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My Little Pony

Did you ever watch the TV show My Little Pony? I once came across the intro for the TV show, and it reminded me how much the show promoted friendship and love. A bit of nostalgia on Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

But it is Thanksgiving, so I am thankful for: My readers, my editors, my beta readers, the good folks at Apple, Nifty, GayAuthors, and