Leaping from life to life

[WARNING: The post may contain spoilers.]

Growing up I enjoyed watching Quantum Leap. I even now have some DVDs of the show. There’s something about how this wonderful, but strange man leaps from life to life striving to put right that went wrong. Somewhere in the series it’s implied that ‘God’ is controlling Sam’s leaps. (Dr. Sam Beckett is the protagonist of the series.)

Now there may even be a movie.

So this is the basic premise of what lead me to write my new story John Beckett. There’s an episode where Sam leaps home. He’s traded places with Al, after getting hit by lightening, and has a passionate night with his wife Donna. There’s nothing to say Sam never got her pregnant. So with this story, I’m exploring the ‘what if’. What if Donna Elecee Beckett had gotten pregnant that night?

So as we have seen in the prologue, John stole his fiance’s military pass and broke into the base where he figured out what he had to do, and then leaped. This introduction was meant to be akin to the intro from the TV series. It’s light on details because the TV series was light on details.

But then there’s the twist.

Twist and shout, baby!

John is trying to find his father. Sure his memory is swiss cheesed, but it probably won’t be as bad as Sam’s was at the beginning. The idea behind the swiss cheese is so that Sam (and now John) can do what they need to without feeling guilt or remorse for consequences at home.

The evil leaper will play a visit to the series. Probably only twice, it will be a new leaper (not Alia from the TV series) whom John and Ian will meet. We may even meet Lothos, the evil leaper’s equivalent of Ziggy. The evil leaper was an interesting concept when introduced. If good was leaping Sam around, why couldn’t evil leap someone around? We may even find out where the evil leaper leaps from.

Bottom line — expect some of what you’re used to from the TV show, but expect many differences too. This is also a place John and Ian will have to work on their relationship.