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Chatting with Readers

So on Wednesday night a few people stopped by our chat room. I’m happy that we had people come out, and invite others out as well. If there are any changes, you can find them in the Yahoo! Group calendar!

I hope you see you on Wednesday night!

Klingon summer school

I was visiting the GayAuthors website, when I found this amusing video.



So I have decided to try out Twitter.

Why? I don’t really know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’m also trying out ScribeFire, a plug in for Firefox that lets me blog from my browser, instead of having to visit my own website. I suppose this post will see how well that goes.

Finally, because i can and ScribeFire has a little button to embed YouTube vids, I give you John Barrowman’s gay kiss to his partner at London Pride.


Surprise revelations and the believable plot

So I’ve been enjoying the story Lycan Bloodline. The writer has taken a lot of care to introduce us to Bryce, a young boy who has to move to British Columbia, Canada to live with his father. Why? It turns out Bryce is a werewolf. And that’s where we take our pause.

I’ve read quite a few sci-fi/fantasy stories on Nifty, and of course I’ve written my own. The thing that bothers me above all else when reading these, is when the protagonist too easily gives in to the “surprise revelation”. So easy that the magic is lost, and you’re brought back to reality.

the protagonist in gay writing

I’ve been reading the story The Chronicles of Kadin by Rick Spencer. The story is published on Codey’s World, one of a few websites that publish stories by gay authors. (A few others being GayAuthors, AwesomeDude, Nifty, etc.) My biggest and probably only beef with the exceptional story of Kadin is that he is, well… he’s straight.

I mean no disrespect to Rick. He has written a wonderful story, which you can easily fall into the warmth of his plot. But if I had wanted to read about a straight protagonist, I only need to go to my neighbourhood book store or Amazon and pick something at random. I realize that only about 10% of the population is gay, but to me it seems only 1% of the literature published is for a gay audience.

The Ethics of getting HIV… on purpose!

So I have this editor. For now we’ll call him… Winter. Yes, that’s it. Winter. Good name considering the month we are currently in. He has a best friend, we shall call him… Dr. Evil. So one day, Winter and Dr. Evil met for a wonderful cup of hot chocolate, under the beautiful night sky. Love was in the air, or maybe it was just plain horniness. Dr. Evil gave Winter the bad news. He has HIV.

Diversity of gay writing

So one of my absolute favourite stories was updated for the first time yesterday, and I am so happy. For anyone who hasn’t read The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie, needs to have their heads examined. This is one amazing story.

Other stories that have had updates that I absolutely love:
*Gone from Daylight by Comicality.
*Almost anything by David McLeod
*Last Goodbye by Meeko
*Teep by Wolfwalker
*The Guardians by Rilbur
*The Price of Friendship by Graham

Other stories I’m watching that have been updated:
*The Gatekeeper
*The Ascended
*How the Light Gets In by Duncan Ryder