New Blog, Warrior, etc.

Hi everyone,

As requested, I am going to have a permanent blog. For now I’m leaving it at Gay Authors, you can see the blog here, and the RSS feed at

Today I finished chapter 13 and the epilogue for The Legendary Warrior. On their own, both are short chapters. The epilogue wasn’t meant to be too long. Both will be posted shortly.

Both of my editors of course, want more Warrior. For those of you whom haven’t read my blog yet, there will be another sequel entitled HIH, who’s cover I posted in the files section.

We may also see another sequel more revolving around Keith. Both the previous stories have been around Jason. I still think there’s a lot to explore in the Warrior universe, but right now my energy has shifted from Warrior to the lament universe. Funny because a few months ago, I had trouble writing the lament chapters.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment]. I get very few e-mails. 🙁



P.S. To my 3 great Yahoo! Groups mods, keep doing a fantastic job!

P.P.S. To the people taking part in the poll for when Mark will return, the answer is in the poll. So vote, I might just use the result that you choose.

“In other news, creators of the Earth TV show Dora the Explorer Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh and Eric Weiner were convinced in Leimar district court on fifty three counts of high treason. His Majesty the Queen laid the charges after claiming they caused psychological harm to him with the countless hours he was forced to watch it with his God children. His Majesty the Queen has commuted the death sentence to 8 years of hard labour in a penal colony.”

– TV News Announcer, “The Legendary Warrior” Chapter 2