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Stories in HTML?

So this really punk named Comicality had the audacity to suggest that I should publish my stories in HTML!! Like seriously, he can’t read PDF for some weird reason, so he’d prefer HTML. Of course that’s how he publishes his stories. The nerve!! cool.gif

All joking aside, I’m not sure I want to publish in HTML. I use OpenOffice when I write my stories, and so creating a PDF is a one button function. It’s really easy, and it incorporates the styles, fonts, etc that I need and want in the story. HTML requires the user to download some of those things.

New Blog, Warrior, etc.

Hi everyone,

As requested, I am going to have a permanent blog. For now I’m leaving it at Gay Authors, you can see the blog here, and the RSS feed at

Today I finished chapter 13 and the epilogue for The Legendary Warrior. On their own, both are short chapters. The epilogue wasn’t meant to be too long. Both will be posted shortly.

Both of my editors of course, want more Warrior. For those of you whom haven’t read my blog yet, there will be another sequel entitled HIH, who’s cover I posted in the files section.

Tying up loose ends

One of my readers asked me when I’m going to continue on with The Legendary Warrior. Recently I posted the last few chapters of Mark’s lament to my website/Yahoo! Group. To be honest, I’m having some writers block with Warrior. I’m sure it’ll be finished up soon, and then I can move onto some future projects.

Ahead I have My Boyfriend is a Vampire. This is the sequel to Mark’s lament. It will expand in the mysticism in lament, as well as introduce some new… supernatural friends. I expect this to be intriguing.

A new blog

So due to popular demand, I have started this blog.

Some of my readers decided I should start a blog. I’m going to attempt to update this regularly. We will see how successful I am with that.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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